Elder Willie Pope is the Founder & Senior Pastor of Benevolent Love Ministries Inc. Elder Pope has been preaching the word of God with authority for over 33 years as an ordained elder and pastor of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World and as a member of the Ohio District Council in Zanesville, Ohio. Our pastor is a wonderful inspiration to his flock as well as many others who know him. The strong and sensitive character of our pastor has been a source of encouragement in the lives of the people of God. His counseling and wisdom have influenced many marriages and families – thwarting the attack of the enemy on the institution of marriage. He is a wonderful husband, father and grandfather and a spiritual father to many as well. Elder Pope’s life is full with the work of the Lord and the joy of serving the people of God.

Minister Cora Pope is the Co-Pastor and elect lady of Benevolent Love Ministries Inc. She is a very anointed, fiery and powerful woman of God who preaches His word with intensity and confidence. Co-Pastor Pope is not only well-versed in the word of God, but has a genuine passion for the people. The elect lady has spearheaded many programs and initiatives. She is a recipient of a B.S. Education from the Cleveland State University, a M.A. Integrated Studies Cambridge College in Boston, Massachusetts and a licensed social worker in the State of Ohio. She is a woman who loves and cherishes her husband and embraces the vision that God has given him for the church; a wonderful mother and grandmother who adores her grandchildren. Like her husband, she has touched so many lives both spiritually and naturally. Our Co-Pastor’s passion for scripture is evident in the intense delivery of her messages. She is a passionate, sensitive and spiritually connected individual who strives for excellence in all facets of her life. One of her favorite quotes is “God Can’t Lie!” She stands with our Senior Pastor, deacons and trustees in the business of the church. She is well-informed and very meticulous in detail and organization.

Pastor W. L. Pope

Co-Pastor C. L. Pope

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